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Sunflower family

Deutsches Theater Göttingen

Communicate culture

Inspired by the complementary clash between politics and punk, the visual concept for Deutsches Theater in Göttingen follows visual expressionism. These contrasting elements shape a creative confluence intended to underline the theaters provovative approach. Neue Welt has been involved in the concept, strategy and overall communication since 10 years.

Creative task force for conscious brands.

If you want companies stop producing shit, stop buying shit. Welcome to our candy factory. ¤


Brand world

Sober Organic Energy

Sober Energy delivers positive energy for positive change. The mission: an organic-energy drink that is better than anything that larger corporates offer with their chemical bombs. Checked and done. sober, with its 99mg of plant-based caffeine, offers the energy for you to be you, to the fullest. To do whatever you feel like, whether it’s taking your next zoom call, going for a workout or saving the world.


Tony's Chocolonely

Probably the best chocolate brand in the universe. It’s mission: making chocolate 100% slavefree, not just Tony’s Chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. Neue Welt takes its social media platforms and visual communication to the next level.


Does every brand has to make the world a better place?

Yes. Thats all.


Alpakas - Brand Building

Delivered unpackaged today.

Start your zero waste lifestyle with high-quality organic food, household and cosmetic products - all in sustainable packaging and delivered directly to your home! Alpakas thinks of sustainability holistically: certified organic products, a practical reusable system, good working conditions for drivers and support for local manufacturers. Alpakas brings your weekly shopping home to you today - environmentally friendly by e-cargo bike. Alpakas is the platform where sustainable manufacturers and responsible customers find each other. Zero Waste & Hero button.


Supporting Polar Bears International

Frozen Power

We love working with innovators who believe in a brighter, fairer and braver future for us all. The new visual identity for Frozen Power and their amazing protein icecream bars is developed by Neue Welt and puts the brand at the forefront and evolves a mouthwatering visual language.


What about hedonistic sustainability?

The basic idea is that sustainability can and should be pleasurable. Hedonistic Sustainability is about balance. We all pursue pleasure in various forms throughout life, but increasingly so, we are more aware than ever of the impact upon the environment our desires create.



Organic broths in premium quality, for all kinds of dishes & to enjoy pure. The manufactory and its philosophy is lead by social commitment and ecological proaction. Neue Welt helps the brand to take off.


Brand Design

GoTiger - Asian groceries

GoTiger makes it incredibly easy for you to discover Asian groceries and have them delivered to your door. Discover asian products and recipes and get the ingredients delivered today. GoTiger offers you a high-quality range that is tailored to the taste of foodies with a passion for Asian cuisine and lifestyle. From delicious dumplings to spicy ramen, from sashimi-quality fish to juicy fruits - GoTiger offers you a unique selection of food and everyday goods from countries like Japan, Korea and China. Every order is delivered the same day in Berlin-Area.

Sunflower Family

Plantbased foods

Brand Building

Neue Welt partnered with different vegan food brands to contribute to a more livable world. Today and for future generations. Together we see an important lever for change in the fact that we will all eat less meat in the future. By making a meat-free diet easier and tastier with plant-based products. This is where we see our mission: To help shape a healthy, sustainable and plant-based life.


Want to work with us?

Neue Welt is calling all dazzling designers, big and small thinkers, food lovers, team builders, pacemakers, OG’s, late night heroes, early risers, and daydream believers. Together we built Neue Welt.